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An online conference designed for fashion brand owners, marketing managers, and digital product strategists.

Digital Fashion Online Summit

Now is the time to digitize fashion collections, augment your style, and increase intelligence around your brand to meet the oncoming demand of consumers.

- Worldwide epidemic conditions mean canceled events, decreased travel, and people living online.

- Customization and sustainability are driving consumer demand.

- The foundation for 5G technologies is being built now for 3D Content.

- Big players are expanding e-commerce capabilities (Amazon, Shopify, Google, Facebook).

Join our experts online to learn how you can use AI, VR/AR, 3D e-commerce, algorithmic fashion, and fit technologies today and lead the coming era.

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"2020 is about reinventing fashion for an on-demand and sustainable future. We at 360Fashion Network are dedicated to bring you the most relevant information that you can use to become a leader and have first mover advantage.

-- Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network.

Highlight Speech: March 28th | 11:00AM EST

How to Tackle Under-stocking and Overstocking with Ai

"Figuring out post-corona how much to manufacture will be essential to your business. Looking at the data will be the best way to make an educated decision." 

-- Anina Net, CEO 360Fashion Network

Interactivity is a must, no longer a demand. It is survival of the fittest, the leanest businesses, and those with a technology edge.

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It's time to start weaving tradition with tech for a more sustainable future.

With the whole world going online, brands need to tech-up to meet the demands of the next generation consumers who will be empowered with 5G phones, ample bandwidth, and customization in mind. During economic disaster when travel, transport, and commerce is halted, having an online digital experience ready keeps your brand at the fingertips of your buyers. Our online summit is here to help the fashion industry understand the future and take the steps with technology to lead.

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