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Have you checked out what our speakers are giving away to 1 lucky winner? Simply attend their webinar live and we'll automatically enter you into the prize draw.

Anina Net 30 Min Free Strategy Session

30 Minutes where you can get expert feedback from Anina Net! Book your time here:

Alison Lewis 30 Min Fee Strategy Session

Alison Lewis will meet with you to discuss digitizing your fashion collection and have an initial strategy meeting with you online. Click this link to schedule the call:

Fashion Week Online

Join Fashion Week Online for only $15 a year special price:

30 Minutes with Alison Lewis

Want to know how to get started with 3D fashion? Alison will listen to your current business needs and help you assess where you need to begin or be for your strategy. She will give you feedback or point you in the right direction based on her 12+ years fashion tech experience.

30 Minutes Online with Cat Schuller to Style 4 Outfits from Your Wardrobe

An expert in fit and style, Cat Schuller, will have a free 30 min session with you where you show her your outfits and she helps you find the 4 best looks that flatter your body type.

Free Ticket to Cat Schuller's Webinar: Know Your Shape, Show Your Shape

Cat Schuller's reouned workshop, "Know Your Shape, Show Your Shape" is coming online in 2020. This giveaway entitles a lucky winner to a free ticket to this online event.

30 Minutes with Anina Net

30 Minutes free consulting with Anina Net. She can look at your product, she can listen to your current business struggle, she can give you feedback or point you in the right direction based on 10+ years fashion tech experience. BOOK HERE: